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I'm a Visual Artist, Audio Engineer, Character Designer, and the Founder of JSMDPro as well as an avid member of many affiliated groups.
I am very active IRL, so anything on NG/online is posted on a whim to support growth of an art community I grew up in

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Posted by SodatheJunker - January 7th, 2021

First, I'd like to admit a previous failing on my part. I casually uploaded a song the other day "Play It On Me", which used various samples from an app (MMJ) that I unfortunately completely forgot was used at the time (the woes of uploading old party music, as it were) I did see a comment mentioning "Music Maker Jam" today, well after the removal and subsequent ban removal as well. I do appreciate the mods for the extremely light sentence on this first offense. I'll be more wary of the songs I upload moving forward.

As such, I think I might just play it safe and abandon the library initiative I was building. If it had any real material value to do so, I would contest and appeal a number of the songs that seem to be removed as I think there was a misunderstanding. I no longer have on my profile several songs that are 100% completely original and that greatly surprised me. But honestly it was a big enough amount and they all are older than dirt XD. In light of this, I will say I did get a lot of great feedback on a number of tracks and music, and a lot of super encouraging words as well ^^ Those who had listened to them, thanks.

Anyways, for that reason I will be skipping the previous plan and just jumping right into uploading more current music I'm working on. It does mean the upload pace will slowdown a bitand won't be as frequent, but I guess it's a fair trade for getting to hear more current, and absolutely original, music ventures. I'm still here, whether I can upload or not, so if you'd like to follow my future endeavors feel free to DM me.

…shame to, I literally bounced some new music today I could have uploaded.


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In the meantime, I hope everyone continues to enjoy the music that is still available. ^^