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I'm a Visual Artist, Audio Engineer, Character Designer, and the Founder of JSMDPro as well as an avid member of many affiliated groups.
I am very active IRL, so anything on NG/online is posted on a whim to support growth of an art community I grew up in

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Posted by SodatheJunker - January 7th, 2021

First, I'd like to admit a previous failing on my part. I casually uploaded a song the other day "Play It On Me", which used various samples from an app (MMJ) that I unfortunately completely forgot was used at the time (the woes of uploading old party music, as it were) I did see a comment mentioning "Music Maker Jam" today, well after the removal and subsequent ban removal as well. I do appreciate the mods for the extremely light sentence on this first offense. I'll be more wary of the songs I upload moving forward.

As such, I think I might just play it safe and abandon the library initiative I was building. If it had any real material value to do so, I would contest and appeal a number of the songs that seem to be removed as I think there was a misunderstanding. I no longer have on my profile several songs that are 100% completely original and that greatly surprised me. But honestly it was a big enough amount and they all are older than dirt XD. In light of this, I will say I did get a lot of great feedback on a number of tracks and music, and a lot of super encouraging words as well ^^ Those who had listened to them, thanks.

Anyways, for that reason I will be skipping the previous plan and just jumping right into uploading more current music I'm working on. It does mean the upload pace will slowdown a bitand won't be as frequent, but I guess it's a fair trade for getting to hear more current, and absolutely original, music ventures. I'm still here, whether I can upload or not, so if you'd like to follow my future endeavors feel free to DM me.

…shame to, I literally bounced some new music today I could have uploaded.


Posted by SodatheJunker - January 4th, 2021

After a very taxing work week at the end of 2020 that killed my upload plans, I actually was graced with an -actual- vacation, first in my 4 years of working with my primary studio patron. Needless to say, I took full advantage of that and enjoyed a very pleasant end to what has been a truly chaotic year.

That said, I know it totally trashed my plans to upload once a weekday. That said, I'm jumping back on and going to be uploading more music. Though it may not be as consistent, the rest of this month will be dedicated to the remainder of the songs I'd like to upload from my old library and work.

And then, February 2021 onward, you can expect every upload to be a fresh, recent beat. With the reception to some of my older music,I'm really excited to share my more recent stuff that I've been working on. This includes music from the River of Life project (which Dragon Jungle was made for), one-offs that I'm making with my new synths and samplers, and even a few tracks from my 2 upcoming EPs, "Eyes of Ice" and "Meløn in Resønance".


Posted by SodatheJunker - November 20th, 2020

This is getting more and more interesting as I post more of these songs, and even some of these older ones from my days as just a greenhorn. Again, I am really thankful for all of those checking these songs out, giving opinions, and I'm floored by the overly positive reception some of these songs are gettin (especially the newer ones!). It really warms my heart and pushes me to get that much better and keep putting my all into making music that I really love, not just music for "the gig".

Still about 6 more weeks of music to post before 2021. I haven't chosen every song I'll post, but just as I plan to post some more older and perhaps not so refined tracks, I also plan to post some more relatively newer ones as we go along. I hope you take all my creations in stride and be REALLY excited for all the fresh tracks and art I will be posting once this upload journey is over.

Again, thank you to everyone who has listened, rated, reviewed, and even just given a comment and opinion on any of this music. It's that interaction and insight that I came here exactly for, and I'm glad NG is still a great place to find that kind of interaction.


Posted by SodatheJunker - November 11th, 2020

Simply put, I've run into some issues between scheduling, work, and getting these uploads up this week. Pretty lame, I know. Funny how I was sick the one day I did upload.

But don't worry, content-wise it will even out. I'll be ending the week with a few uploads to get back on track. I've already decided what songs I'll be posting. Then I'll be back on schedule come Monday.

Thanks for the patience, and for being so incredibly supportive of the music that has been uploaded so far. It means a lot that you guys are bumping some of these tracks, and it's especially an honor to see some of you even downloading them to add to your collection. Truly humbling.

Be well, stay gold.

Hysterically Yours,



Posted by SodatheJunker - October 29th, 2020

Tomorrow will end the first week of submissions. In that time I've mauled over whether or not I'll allow them to be downloaded. Right now any of the tracks can be embedded but use is pretty much pending on whether or not you discuss it with me…

I've come to the conclusion that I will allow many of the tracks I upload moving forward to be downloaded.

Keep in mind, certain tracks I upload I cannot allow to be used or downloaded for reasons regarding my studio's use for them within productions. However, I already know a lot of the music I will be uploading in the days to come will not be held to NDA standards and are no longer being sold in any exclusive fashion, so there's no harm in allowing them to be downloaded and enjoyed.

All I ask is that, if you choose to use them for animations of your own, please ask me beforehand. In most cases I imagine I will be honored and only ask for credit. Certain tracks do feature artist vocals or have a direct use in my own animation projects, so it will need to be case-by-case.

Thanks again everyone. I was incredibly surprised by the reception to "Dragon Jungle". It's the newest song of all my current uploads and very indicative of my current sound, sitting alongside perhaps "Tightrope" or "Pull", so it really gives me a lot of confidence in my current sound to hear so many people enjoying it. As such, I will be making that particular track downloadable as well for free.

Hysterically Yours,



Posted by SodatheJunker - October 24th, 2020

Starting Monday, October 26th (Which is coincidentally my Birthday) I will be uploading a song a day from my collection onto Newgrounds. This will continue until 2020 ends, where I will decide at that point where or not I would like to continue. This may not be true on Holidays and the occasional weekend, but I will make an effort on those days regardless.

The current albums, collections, and EPs I'm working on (Eyes of Ice, Meløn Capsule, Meløn in Resonance, and the River of Life Official Soundtrack) will not have any songs being featured directly on NG for various reasons, but the music will be as old as about 2011-2013 to as recent to 2018. I have more than enough music to share in that regard and I'd like to post it where I can for anyone's listening pleasure. Select songs will probably be posted from the soundtrack for my DiCE project, as that has not officially released but started out as a music project. A lot of the music on that project is fully complete and some tracks have been featured on a past collection (you can also listen to the entire project's current soundtrack on our studio's official project webpage.

In lieu of having done little to know animation work, focusing all my visual attention to River of Life, there will probably no uploads in that regard for sometime unless I shrug off and upload some much older content. Unfortunately the trailers and promos that were slated for this year were not only impacted by COVID-19 halting a lot of our production at the various offices but also means we have had to rework some of these trailers and promos (and unfortunately even 2 of the projects). News regarding that will come in time, and likely be shared on social media when more appropriate.

Anyways, this was just an update on the music that will soon be coming. Be well, stay safe, wear your masks, go vote, be spooky, and never stop being a student.

Hysterically Yours,


(P.S. While I don't have an immediate timeframe, there will be a bit of rebranding on my end. I will always be Søda Meløn, or Søda the Junker as most people know me on a musical end… …but visually I have plans to make some updates to this account and others, so you may see a couple visual things added in time. I have however almost completely wiped my professional blueprint from social media [FINALLY], so it will be casual only moving forward and not very active. Any professional engagements that can't be made directly will only be fielded through my website moving forward.)


Posted by SodatheJunker - October 24th, 2018

It's been many many years, but here I am back on my bullshit.
I want to really help stoke the fire in this place, Newgrounds is still a great place for artist of both the visual and auditory variety, and as a local of the hometown this place was forged since I was young, it makes sense to contribute a bit. So I'd like to be more active here, and utilize my account a bit more.

That said, I do have a studio and we have our own website in which we host our work, but I hope the contributions I make here will be appreciated to some effect.

Hysterically Yours,
~Søda Meløn


Posted by SodatheJunker - May 18th, 2011

This summer some films are gonna be poppin' up, I promise. Crossed fingers, pinky swear, etc.

I've had this account to long ow I realize to be holdin' off, and I'm getting too many requests to finally put stuff up.

Hysterically Yours,
~Søda Meløn

Alright, alright NGtards.